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Game Design Consultation

Communication is key in creating any complex project—which is why I always start here. In our first meeting, my goal is to gather as much information about your idea as possible, to discuss every possible detail, and to try to understand your needs as clearly as I can.


This typically takes an hour or two, and is best done in person or through a video call.


Research / Project Outline

After I have the concept for your game, I set to work researching the technologies and the tools that we'll need to create it. I'll create a detailed analysis containing all of this information, an estimated project timeline with milestones and the release date, and an estimated project budget.

I'll collect half of the project budget in advance, and development will start.


Development / Testing

As development progresses, I will follow the project timeline that we laid out in the previous step, and will provide constant updates on our progress. As features are implemented into the game, they will be rigorously tested against the requirements that we identified in step #1. As all of the features come into place, I'll perform final testing of the game with all pieces integrated together, and work out any bugs before we release.


Release / Marketing

After we have a stable, working version of the game, I'll go through the necessary steps to ship it to whatever markets and platforms you intend to package it for. If we had included a marketing and advertising piece in our project plan, I'll make sure all of the social media and websites are ready to announce your game to the world.

Once the final payment is collected, the game will go live!


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