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App Development

Most business owners today would agree that a website is not an option—it’s as necessary as having a sign on your storefront or a telephone number. But we’re entering into an era of 24/7 service, where customers might be looking to engage with your business at any hour of the day. What happens if you don’t have someone to answer a phone call and schedule an appointment? If your customer has to wait for an email response, will you be able to retain them?


A website is a simple way for a business to gain exposure and to provide information about their products. But a web application allows for automatic handling of customer requests. Using a web application, users can contact your business after-hours and still receive service. Web applications provide instant gratification to customers in an era when convenience is king. If you’re not using web automation for your business, I guarantee you that you are missing out on customers.


With my experience in a variety of different industries and with a high level of communication skills and planning ability, I can quickly establish what sort of needs your business might have and how we can build an app to meet those needs. We’ll figure out how customers would want to interact with your business, what interactions and activities you’d like to automate, and how you’d like to be able to manage that app from behind-the-scenes.


Using graphic design tools, we’ll create a prototype of how the app looks and feels on a customer’s mobile phone. Once we’ve got a good design worked out, development will start to turn the design into a working model. After we’ve tested it extensively and confirmed that it’ll fit your needs, we will deploy it to the iOS App Store and the Android Store, and your customers will be able to install the app and interact with your business remotely.


When you have a personalized, automated representative of your company handling an unlimited number of customer requests 24/7, it’ll take a huge weight off of you and your team and allow your focus to shift away from the high volume of day-to-day communications and towards things like production and customer support.